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At ATMG, we aspire to have a passion, honesty, and expertise of the finest and most convenient car repair and maintenance services. ATMG is widely known by our local and expatriate customers. Since it was established, our satisfied customers have made ATMG a major player in the local region as the best car recovery service in Dubai. ATMG guarantees prompt, polite, and competent service to our customers with our trusted, experienced personnel.

If you own a car or drive a lot, you will probably deal with a breakdown at one point. Although you can take preventive steps to deal with such scenarios, it can be overwhelming to put trust in a car recovery service. Choosing the best car recovery service in Dubai can be very challenging when you take advantage of all the various features and advantages of such policies. At ATMG, we have tried making it as easy as possible. We provide the most effective and reliable service when it comes to car recovery.

Our professional car recovery team arrives with all the requisite equipment for any car breakdown service you need. We will be there within 40 minutes to get started, whether it’s a quick flat tire repair, a car-towing service, or car battery replacement Dubai. If you need emergency car battery replacement in Dubai Our team of Expert technicians are available to help you out in case of a dead car battery.

Customers get a unique experience at our workshop that focuses on delivering car repair and maintenance services of the highest quality. In addition to high-quality facilities, our garage focuses on the slogan of absolute dedication, integrity, and professionalism. The technicians are trained in repairing all types of vehicles with a specialty in 4X4 vehicle repair and maintenance. Several of the services aimed at enhancing customer experience are that we pick-up and deliver at home if necessary.

In Dubai, we have many custom car recovery services, ranging from one-time packages to multi-vehicle contracts for several years. Give us a call if you ever need the best car recovery service in Dubai with a flat tyre or dead battery.


ATMG understands the value of your time. We also realize the pain to get your car service. The services provided by our team to your cars ensure low cost while maintaining quality standards. Owing to lack of awareness or the car service company up-selling vehicle parts / services, you will no longer have to pay extra.

To keep your vehicle top notch and enhance the performance, just make one phone cal. For all of our automotive facilities, we also provide easy online scheduling.

Our experienced technicians are able to provide your luxurious and expensive vehicles with all sorts of professional services.

Wheel Alignment

Computerized wheel alignment
Tyre balalncing service
Wheel angle Fixing
360 degree health Check

Battery Replacement

Computerised Battery Test
Car Battery Servises
Battery Vable Test
Comprehensive Electrical Test

Transmission Repair

Transmission Inspection
Transmission Programming
Transmission Oil Filter Services
Gearbox Overhauling Services

Car Maintenance

General Car Maintanance
BAsic, Full & Major Service Package
Auto Mechanical & Electrical repairs
Fuel Injection & Cleaning Services

Engine Repair

Engine Tuning
Engine Detailing
Enging Daignosis
Complete Engine Overhaul

Scanning & Dignostics

Engine Dignostics
Gearbox Diagnostics
Advanced Diagnostics Software
State-of-the-art Scanning Facilities

Pre-Puechase Inspection

Physical Inspection
360-degree Health Checks
Comprehensive Computer Diagnostics
Digital Health Report

Car Truck towing

Vehicle Recovery

Road-Side Tow Service
On-Road Mechanic Service
Call Mechanic Service
Online Services

ATMG'S 10 year timeline from the begnning


ATMG (Al Taadeel Motors Garage) was established in January 2005 in Dubai, U.A.E. with wide arrays of auto-mechanic expertise.


Our company has always been determined to offer you the best-of-its-kind sports and luxury car services and excellent client-relationship.


We have been pioneering at helping you in modifying your vehicles in its exact specifications and brand new look.


In more than ten years of meticulously transforming your wheels into your desired and ideal automobiles, ATMG has gained “the Specialist” when it comes to auto-styling and repair.

Why to Choose ATMG?

Experienced Team

We are proud to say that we still provide our customers in the country with an incredibly great experience since 2005. ATMG, the best Car Repair Garage in Dubai, has a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who are able to meet all the needs of your car repair and service. Our expert technicians are trained to keep you on the road to make the way for your destination. We understand that car services are merely an inconvenience to your busy day. However it is important to obtain quality car services because they can help improve the life of your vehicle.

Transparency in Our Service

Most importantly, we are committed to providing genuine and transparent car repair service to all of our customers. We want to make sure our customers understand and feel secure about the service they receive. Our first motive is to make them understand what is wrong with their vehicle. You’ll never be pushed for repairs or replacements, and we won’t change your car either until you sign it off.

We have worked extremely hard to formulate the most clear and comfortable procedures and facilities you can take with us.

Money saving and timely services

Our car maintenance and repair experts establish a preventive maintenance program. All our programs are innovative and proactive in time. We know the secret to avoid expensive repairs and crashes and comply with our service quality schedules.

The ATMG best Car Repair Garage in Dubai provides better and pocket friendly services than being transported in a towing truck. Regardless of the state of your automobile repair, our mechanics provide the most suitable and most reliable automotive services at ATMG.

A precise diagnosis is the first step in any car repair. We will determine the exact issue with the vehicle and give you the best and inexpensive repair solution.

As soon as possible, you want to get back your vehicle. Our team of the best Car Repair Garage in Dubai is going to get you to it. You want a fair price for cars and we will keep your budget in mind, so we will protect your wallet. Our team is able to handle your car from the bumper to the tyres. ATMG always ensures that the brakes, motor, suspension, fuel system and more of your vehicle are working properly for you.

Genuine Parts

Our car garage offers a dynamic customer experience that concentrates on offering excellent notch and genuine vehicle parts. Our garage is based on hard work, honesty and professionalism, as well as on our quality services.
Our professional team has vast experience in the repair and maintenance of every type of car with an expertise in state-of-art technologies.

Job Warranty

We are assured of our repair warranty for 36 months for both parts and labor. Modern vehicles are highly advanced with computer-operated electronics and components that function together to maintain an effective motor operation.

You can be assured of high performance and protection, excellent fuel mileage, less expensive maintenance and smoother operation by regularly keeping your car in our auto repair garage. The work of our car mechanics guarantees that your vehicle is competent to accomplish the manufacturing process. This would not only save your long-term money, it will also help to prolong your vehicle life.

24/7 Service

Our first goal is to save your valuable time. Your busy schedule is understandable! Our garages are open for your car 24 hours a day. Our service agents support you via your mobile, e-mail and chat, so that we can meet you 24 hours a day.

Years of Experience

Value for Money

Genunine Parts

Experts Mechanics

Jobs with Warenty

Transparent Services

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