During the blazing hot summer season, air conditioning comes into sharp focus and none more so than the devices in our vehicles, provided that on some of the hottest days, temperatures inside the cabin will shoot up to 60 degrees Centigrade. Not only does air conditioning cool the vehicle, but it also decreases the amount of moisture or humidity. Any kind of AC problem in your car makes it so uncomfortable to drive, particularly in the sweltering summer. You switch on your AC all the way up and it still doesn’t provide heat relief, there’s a reason for that. You need not to drive by settling down the windows, sweating from the heat and humidity. We specialize in automotive AC repair at ATMG the best Car Air conditioner Repair in Dubai and can help you get back to travelling comfortably again.
Car air conditioning repair UAE

Common symptoms of car AC are not working properly.

Higher than average in cabin temperatures : You may note several times that the degree inside the car rises and the airflow from the AC is hot. There are 3 possible causes, firstly, the low coolant, secondly the coolant leak, and thirdly, the compressor goes badly and needs replacement.

Loud sound as the compressor runs : There are many internal components in the AC compressor and a sealed bearing is used for turning. If any of the internal components break or the internal bearings of the compressor fail or seize, as a consequence, all kinds of noises can be made. Changing the entire AC compressor is the most precious solution.

Moisture Leaks : The refrigerant lets the AC device transform hot air into cold air, and your AC will blow warm air if it runs out of this chemical. It not only raises the possible adverse health issues as the refrigerant spills out but also increases the energy consumption.

Don’t overlook AC Compressor Malfunction Symptoms

If the AC compressor fails to work, your health is not only damaged, but your wallet is also damaged. First of all the poor AC compressor allows the refrigerant to leak, which will affect your health. In addition, AC does not generate cold air, especially during the summer period, which is really uncomfortable.

The repair fee for you will be raised by ignoring the symptoms of a bad AC compressor. It leads to the failure of the entire AC system when the AC compressor is not working well. Or if the wires are fried, if you don’t repair them immediately, it leads to the whole broken car. You will have to pay not only for the bad AC compressor, but rather for the other components.

The common problems plaguing the AC unit

For an automobile air-conditioning system, there are a variety of things which can go wrong. The key culprits are dirt and moisture. Unfortunately, in our country, both of these are widespread. Blockages in filters and condensers caused by the build-up of dust and dirt that inhibits flow of air over the cooling coils are a frequent issue. Another region in which dust piles up is the AC blower or fan device. It is also understood that bits and pieces of paper and waste find their way into the blower.

Refrigerant leakage is another prevalent concern. Currently in use in vehicles, the R134A-grade refrigerant has a low boiling point and can leak from various places in the air-conditioning system. These are the piping joints, the pressure release valve, and the compressor’s front seal. Using sophisticated equipment called the Recovery Recycling and Gas Recharging System, the coolant can be topped up. The R134A does not cause ozone layer damage, but when replenished, it needs to be treated with caution.

With the compressor, the next problem can be found. The wearing of magnetic clutch and pistons and leaks in oil rings is one of the most troublesome and expensive aspects of this device. These are normally all reduced to excess load during use. This usually occurs when the car’s owner has violated the AC maintenance plans that the manufacturer suggests. This inevitably causes the entire device to operate under conditions of extreme stress and it is the compressor that often gives way. Another common issue is that rodents join the blower machine.

When an A/C unit has failed to work, electric problems can be the toughest diagnostic problem. To see if any wires are missing or frayed, a visual inspection of all the wiring should be performed.

If any faulty wire is detected, it must be mended or completely replaced with electrical tape. It might be time to take your car to any other dealer for further diagnosis because you are unable to visually detect any electrical problems but at ATMG your car will recover quickly.

If your AC car isn’t working properly due to any of the above problems, get your car to the ATMG Garage best place for car Air Conditioner repair in Dubai to repair the air conditioning. We fully understand how it is important for your car air conditioner in Dubai. In order to diagnose the issue and obtain the necessary result we have the experts on board.

We at ATMG use advanced diagnostic technologies to solve your AC problems and provide truthful and comprehensive solutions to all your issues. ATMG Garage provides car Air Conditioner repair in dubai for all the major brands, along with their genuine parts. All our brands are:

  • Volkswagen
  • Ferrari
  • Jaguar
  • Mini Cooper
  • Bentley
  • Land Rover
  • BMW
  • Pagani
  • Mercedes
  • Mclaren
  • Porche
  • Audi
  • Lamborghini
  • Maserati
  • Bugatti
  • Maybach
  • Rolls Royce

Whether it is a seized pAC compressor or an AC condenser, the best car Air Conditioner repair in Dubai, ATMG ensures that it is handled seamlessly, professionally and specialized.