Brakes are the main protection device in your vehicle. You can keep yourself and your passengers safe by testing your brakes periodically for wear and tear or injury. It will also lead to significant savings by capturing any damage before it gets too expensive. How long the brakes last depends on different factors like driving conditions, brake conditions and other factors. Therefore the brakes have to be served twice a year. We provide every service a complementary inspection to ensure that every issue is taken into consideration prior to being an important concern.

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Symptoms of Break Servicing

It is clear that your brakes need service, such as the brake light on the dashboard of your car or a sensation that your car takes longer to stop than it should. There are several visible signs. In any case, we are the reliable Car brake repair service provider in Dubai to be contacted as soon as possible for a brake control. But do you know which of the other signs ailing brake systems might indicate? Here we introduce few which can only benefit you in the future in the case of a serious accident.

Worn Pads : Many vehicles use so-called disk brakes. This works the same as braking on a 10-speed bicycle. A brake fluid-filled hydraulic mechanism causes a series of padded clamps that are known as calipers to squeeze them in a disk known as the rotor. The friction between the pads and the rotor stops the car. The pads will start to wear thin over time, as you might expect, that ensures they are becoming less efficient at slowing and stopping your vehicle.

Thankfully, it is a straightforward process to check the thickness of your brake pads – those which squeeze down on the calipers . You only need to have a look on the shiny metal rotor inside between your wheel’s spokes. When you find it, look at the metal caliper around the outer side. You’re going to see the pad between the caliper and the rotor. You must guess it but your pads should usually be at least a quarter of an inch thick. If they’re any thinner than that, getting them adjusted is a smart idea.

Strange Sound : A tiny indicator in your braking system that emits a high-pitched squeal when your pads need to be replaced will provide one of the warning signs that your brakes need maintenance. And while this sound is extremely loud even when the windows are open, it may be hard to hear anything.

Pulling : You may also experience a harsh grinding sound, in addition to the sensor squeeze. It indicates that you’ve passed your brake pads full and the calipers’ metal grinds against the metal of your rotors now as you apply the brakes. Not only is this an inefficient way to stop your engine, it is possible that you damage your rotors as well, making the pad job relatively simple and cost-effective more expensive.

Lowered Resistance : You become accustomed to the way the components sound, from the form of the steering wheel to the brake pedal resistance, when you drive your vehicle over time. Schedule an inspection if you find a difference in how hard you need to press the pedal to brake.

Resistance changes also give early notice of fluid leaks in the brake tube or of air leaks. This problem can make your pedal squishy or shrink quickly to the floor.

Increased Distance to Stop : The increase in the distance you need to stop is one of the most noticeable indicators that your brakes are failing to bring your car to a complete stop. You can find yourself going deeper through intersections unintentionally or making close calls in traffic.

Pedal Pulsing or Vibration : Often it varies without impacting the resistance as the feeling of depressing the brake pedal changes. In these cases, when pressing the pedal down, you’re more likely to feel vibrations or pulses.

These interval sensations usually arise from an issue with the brake rotors. The brake pads do not have a smooth surface to rub against when the rotors become bent, damaged or twisted, which causes vibration.

Impoverished Handling : When you have safe brakes, when you start to come to a stop, you do not note any changes in the path of your car. However when you apply your brakes, brake issues can cause sudden pulls to one side or the other.

This handling shift will make it more difficult to control your vehicle, thereby making it less comfortable to drive. Generally, this problem has to be addressed by a brake line or fluid replacement because the pulling happens when the linings sustain irregular wear or too much foreign matter is picked up by the fluid.

Reasons for brake service and maintenance

Safety- Safety is the most important reason to get them tested. You can get into an accident with even the slightest amount of disrepair. This is not just a safety hazard for you, as well as for any passengers in the car, street pedestrians, and other people in cars around you.

Damage- If your brakes go out and you are in an accident, your car may be destroyed. Any kind of maintenance problem puts excessive strain on other parts of the vehicle, which could cause it to fail. Extensive damage may occur in an accident, leaving you without a vehicle.

Convenience- You can waste your time and resources if you want to postpone getting them tested before you’re in an accident or other uncomfortable circumstance. It does not cost a lot for an inspection and can be completed easily.

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