camera / sensors

Car sensors can have a helping hand while you are parking or reversing your car for suspicious measurements or out of view.

One of the main sensors used in automobiles is cameras. They are excellent at tasks with high resolution such as classification, scenery understanding or color perception tasks, such as traffic light or sign recognition. Good parking sensors and a good car camera are now a ‘must-have’ thing.

All the branded automobiles are now modified to camera calibration and radars, or we can say car sensors. At very inexpensive prices, the ATMG offers the full camera and radar services. Our services include a cross beam measuring, a range of brand-specific camera calibration panels and the laser equipment necessary for proper alignment.

Even before the new-car smell wears off some owners claim issues with cameras concealing or running only intermittently, while others state they have earned years of reliable service.

What can be the problem? Let’s see:

The cameras themselves must withstand extreme temperatures, fog, snow and other environmental conditions, which can contribute to failure of the camera. In addition, years of extreme driving vibration will damage cameras on poorly paved roads. Difficult or messy photos can be caused by even extremely cold temperatures.

Like most electrical equipment, the downfall of a back-up camera may be a blown fuse, a bad switch or wiring or a defective link. Cameras are electronic, so a software breakdown may also trigger a blank screen or one that only shows the backup guidelines but does not display an image.

Whenever the transmission is switched to reverse, cameras are intended to demonstrate what is behind the car. The picture is shown on most vehicles on the same dashboard screen as the stereo (some are in the inside mirror). In some situations, because of a glitch in the head unit (the central audio, navigation and multimedia command post), the camera will not function and it needs to be fixed.

How to repair it?

Come to us at ATMG Garage for the car sensor services if you are not a vehicle expert. In handling camera calibration and radar facilities, our team of expert technicians is proficient. With modern technology, ATMG Garage provides services for Car sensors in Dubai and leaves no questions unanswered to detect the issue. ATMG Garage technicians are committed to giving your vehicle a comprehensive service and making the calibration work like a new one.