For starting and driving your engine, a car battery is the most important piece of equipment. Once the car battery starts the engine, the alternator takes over and charges the battery so that it’s recharged and ready to go the next time you need to start your car. It sends power to the spark plugs from the starter engine, igniting the fuel of your vehicle, while also sending power to other systems. Lighting, radio, air conditioning, and more are included. If you find it difficult to start, have flickering lights, or a weakening warning system, you will be able to say when your car battery begins to die.

Car Battery Replacement Service

Reason for battery dying

Five common causes can be traced to most car battery deaths:

Cold Weather Causes Battery Failure : The number one explanation why car batteries die is cold weather. To cause a car’s battery to weaken, the weather doesn’t have to be especially harsh. The battery is 35 percent weaker, even at a mild 32 degrees. At 0 degrees, it fell to a weaker 60%. If even your interior lights become a challenge when a battery is that weak, forget to start your car. Most individuals equate dead car batteries with winter for a reason, and that’s because it’s when most of the batteries that were in marginal condition give up and die.

Left headlights on : If your car battery starts to drain, your lights are the first to search. Many new vehicles have headlights programmed to turn off after some time. But you should stay on your headlights until your car is turned off or you have completely drained your car battery.

Time Over Batteries : Nothing endures forever, even the battery of your car. In certain cases, the battery of your car will last for up to 5 years, depending on where you live and how you drive. The battery can be reduced to two or three years for high temperatures, regular short trips, and general daily use. Even after a jump-start, it can be time to add another battery if your car dies soon.

Corrosion Can Cause Battery Death : The corrosion at the connections is one other explanation why car batteries repeatedly die. Check under your cap o n top of your battery terminals, one is positive and the other negative. These are the points you use to switch on your car and also the way your alternative battery can be charged. You can not recharge your battery properly with your alternator when your link is broken down.

Parasitic Draw : Your battery can control items like the clock, the radio and the alarm system even when you’re away from the car. These factors shouldn’t affect your battery greatly. But items like interior lights, door lights or even bad fuses can drain a car battery when it’s off.

During your motor, the generator recharges the battery — this is why when you blast the radio, you usually do not have to think about the dying battery! However the alternator cannot refuel the battery while the engine is off, which causes a minor electric mishap to drain the battery completely. This electric whooping is a battery strain known as a parasite draw.

Car battery replacement service dubai- ATMG

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