Buying a new car is an exciting task that normally drives you breathlessly. Of course, buyers appear to hurry through the sign-off process in the excitement of receiving the keys to a new collection of wheels. Many customers are the first car users, and they don’t know enough about the car system. And many customers seem to forget that it is important to examine the car thoroughly before you leave the showroom with your new car and ensure that the exterior and interior have no damage.

Pre-purchase car inspection is relevant not only for new vehicles but also for used cars. You should take more caution when purchasing a used or pre-owned vehicle, because things aren’t always in good condition. This is why experts recommended that purchasers conduct a thorough review of used vehicles. Many mechanics inspect used vehicles differently, but their input is worthwhile.

We at ATMG offer our customers exceptional pre-purchase car inspection service before buying a used vehicle in Dubai. Our technical experts inspect vehicles 24-point and enumerate previous mechanical problems, accidents, injury, etc. At ATMG we follow a checklist of car checks and it lists our mechanics in advance of purchase. You can blindly believe our assessment, because our inspector before purchase did it honestly and sincerely and also provided details about the technical work that will be performed on your car.

ATMG Garage’s checklist is mentioned below:

Body dents and rust: Throughout their entire lives, almost every car gets minor to major dents, sketches or imperfections. Mechanics, generally, do not adequately inspect for dents or faults. Extremely flawed paint and panels on the outside may indicate cheap repairs or an accident. Check the vehicle’s entire column, frame and underbody for problems with rust. A rust hiding underneath may cover a shiny new paint coat.

Suspension and tires: By pressing down on each corner of the vehicle, it’s necessary to check the suspension and tires. This will send you data about the state of its shocks. If the car bounces once and returns to its usual location, it is assumed to be all right. You can take a test drive for the suspension inspection. Try to ensure the tires are well formed and do not have an uneven issue of wear, puncture or alignment.

Radiators and hoses: The first and most essential thing to inspect under the cover is the radiator. The rusty or low coolant reveals its past owner’s bad treatment of the vehicle. Make sure the fins of the radiator are strong and durable. Water hoses need to be carefully inspected, too.

Engine-knocking, compression, and oil: Search for the idle response when you fire up the engine. There may be a problem if you hear any rattling or banging noises as the motor warms up. Knocking may be a warning from its former owner of poor treatment. The best way to check for engine problems is via a compression test. Likewise, it’s essential to check for oil levels or any leakage. If oil is dark and smells burnt, then some serious engine problems may occur.

Lighting: Make absolutely sure there are no missing or faded lights. To ensure they have not been removed due to an accident or collision, search headlight assemblies. Alter them if they are dark or flickering. You need to check the turn signals, the brake lights, the high beams, the interior lights, too.

Instrument Gauges: An issue is the lighting of the warning light on the instrument cluster. Make sure that the odometer, velocity meter, and tachometer work correctly.

HVAC: The air conditioning and heater for the car must operate at all speeds and the compressor should not be loud.

Exhaust: Excessive smoke from the blue exhaust means the car consumes a lot of gasoline. If it’s black, then there may be a fuel system problem, while white smoke suggests burning antifreeze, which implies a failure of the head gasket.

The checklist mentioned above is not exclusive but inclusive. If you intend to do it yourself, it is often elaborative and can be a challenging job. And what you should do if you’re not familiar with the parts of the car is leave it to professionals like ATMG Garage. Fill in the checklist for you, our experts at ATMG Garage. Our services can also be taken up and boosted by not only customers, but also pre-owned car sellers.

Our state of the art testing center for cars is ranked one of Dubai’s leading RTA testing centers. It provides a wide selection of facilities for car testing, such as RTA testing, machine diagnostics, CCM chassis testing, and rigorous testing and inspection.

At ATMG Garage is the best pre-purchase inspection professionals in Dubai, we are committed to making the whole process easier. We offer you our very own car inspection services that are pre-owned. Using modern technologies and techniques, we have experts on-board to inspect each and every aspect of the vehicle. We also provide a detailed analysis of the condition of the car that can assist you in making a decision.