A car service is a routine checkup that is carried out over certain periods (at least every year) or after the vehicle has driven a certain number of miles. The car manufacturers specify the service intervals by creating a service schedule that you need to follow.

The car maintenance service Dubai consists of replacing aging components and fluids and visual inspections for the control of key components. It is not a legal MOT test to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive, based on a strict checklist of requirements defined by the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Each year, having your car serviced and maintaining it is well-spent money. When they are easier to repair, issues are likely to be caught early on, and the vehicle will have a higher resale value and a longer life. A well-kept vehicle is powerful, too, so you can save fuel money too.

If you have to claim a guarantee, you usually have to prove that your car has a full record of service. At ATMG, we are dedicated to delivering some of the best products and services on a global scale.

Over the past few years, we have expanded rapidly to meet the needs of car maintenance service Dubai for our elite clients. We are committed to being major innovators in the car management industry, adapting our offerings to our customers and customers’ continuously changing and varied needs. We use a sophisticated, in-house computer system that uses knowledge from engine manufacturers and technical business databases. This gives us valuable information for every vehicle model and brand on the roads in UAE.

At ATMG, we address the unique challenge of responding to ever-evolving automotive industry requirements for the betterment of car maintenance service Dubai.

We have developed a personal service standard, which is not to be found anywhere else, with a team of committed and trained experts, state-of-art data collection technology, and deep industry connections.