The transmission is a metal case that houses a set of gears, one of the most complicated components in your car, which describes its gearbox nickname. To help power the car, the transmission takes power from the engine and sends it to the wheels. It is accountable for ensuring that the correct amount of power goes to the wheels so that they can run at a specified speed.

In order to ensure that the wheels and engine don’t turn at the same rpm, each gear works within a particular ratio. Your vehicle utilizes a lower gear ratio when you take off from a dead stop to get the car going using more fuel and less speed. Your transmission utilizes a greater gear ratio at higher speeds to shift the vehicle while maintaining the RPMs at a low level.

Luckily, whenever the transmission starts to malfunction, your car will usually inform you, and the quicker you get the vehicle in to a trained automotive expert, the greater your chances will be of minimizing the cost of a complete overhaul. The trick is not to neglect the symptoms as they arise. Here are a few warning signs that a transmission repair might be appropriate for your car.

Changing gear issues : Since the gears in your car are an integral part of the transmission, shifting gear irregularities are an almost certain indication of trouble with the transmission. Any of the following symptoms may include:

  • Doubts when the car is put in gear
  • fall off the gear during driving
  • No apparent reason for moving equipment
  • Jerking when the gears are moved

It is time for having the best car transmission repair in Dubai by professionals to look at your car if there are either of these signs.

Grinding or shimmying between gears : When a change of gear causes a grinding sound (in manual gears) or a shaking or shimming mechanism (in automatic gears), it may be a symptom of a worn bump or other problems. In any event, don’t let it continue if you witness it. Take the car to take a look.

Extraordinary sounds and “whines” : When the vehicle starts to make odd noise like moaning, humming or even clunking, transmission issues also occur. Furthermore, you might have looked at it if your car sounds too loud in the neutral. These noises may be triggered by other factors than the transmission but should never be overlooked.

Burnt, cloudy transmission fluid : The fluid usually has a glossy red color and a sweet smell. bIt is an indicator of trouble that the fluid appears dark and opaque and if it looks/smells burnt. It’s a better time for testing out the transmission.

Burning odor : When you go out of the car, you can always smell the fluid burning, while you didn’t see the fluid. Similarly, it can create a burning smell when the equipment overheats due to excessive friction. If the transmission is poor, the burned transfer fluid can also be smelled when you leave the vehicle. Anyway, it’s not a regular hot burning smell.

Fluid transfer leakage : Take the car to the auto repair shop if you see the red fluid on your driveway, clear or cloudy. A leakage does not always mean that your transmission is not actually bad, but it will certainly cause harm if it continues to leak.

Increase the Transmission Life of Your Car

Maintenance of Regular Transmission: You can also replace the transmission fluid on a daily basis, like you frequently change your engine oil. Clean Fluid transmission is important for the correct operation of the transmission and keeps moving parts running smoothly inside the transmission. Clean and fresh fluid also decreases friction-related heat.

Keep fluid at the right level always: Dirty fluid can cause transmission damage for a period of time, but small fluids may cause immediate harm. The automatic transmission fluid (ATF) should be ensured on a regular basis. This means daily and routine controls of vehicles where leaks are visually inspected by the transmission.

Keep Your Transmission Operating Cool: A heat transmission, as previously mentioned, is an early death transmission. The fluid breaks down and excess heat causes the gunk to cling to the inner parts of the transmission. Changing the fluid periodically contributes to the cooling process of the transmission. We strongly suggest the installation of an external transmission cooler if your car is not fitted with one already. External coolers are very affordable and easy to install. The life of your switch can also be substantially improved by external transmission coolers. For those who demand exceptional transmission conditions, including normal driving at temperatures above 90 degrees C, constant stop-and-go traffic and regular towing, we suggest an external transmission cooler.

Early catch transmission issues: Strange sounds, fluid leakage or smoke are several signs of a failure to transmission. Continue to concentrate on significant performance adjustments, such as hard shifts, shift delays, abrupt shuts, increased revs of engine when the transmission is accelerated or grinding. Often when the control motor light is shown this may also mean issues with early transmission. By taking a transmission issue right when you begin, You can potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It would probably only get worse with time after a transmission problem starts. We have seen clients reach the very first indication of transmission issues when the problem has been addressed by a transmission service or by a flush. In such situations, the problem would certainly have caused further transmission damage and/or the transmission would have killed entirely.

When you encounter problems first of all, your transmission will last some hundred thousand miles with routine maintenance and immediate intervention.

How to have the service completed or repaired?

At ATMG Garage you can take advantage of our experts. The best way to stop needless reparations is to maintain the transmission fresh. At ATMG Garage, our transmission fluid can be withdrawn and the transmission system can be fully flushed out. After flushing, we will add new high quality fluid, which is recommended by the manufacturer. We have high-end equipment and tools in just a few hours to do the entire job. We also have value for money with our services.

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