If you find that when you are driving on a straight, low traffic or your tires abnormally, pull the vehicle dramatically to the left or right, then your alignment of the wheel is needed for adjustment. Therefore you have to take your car to a reputable Wheel alignment and balancing service provider in Dubai to inspect the wheel alignment. This is a simple procedure, where the front and/or rear suspension components can be changed gently. If the wheels of your car are not correctly balanced, the tires may be abnormally wearable.

Always check the alignment of your vehicle when:

  • Something hit your vehicle (for example a kerb or the big road risk).
  • You note the difference or irregular wear of your tires.
  • You have issues with steering or handling, such as:
  • The car drifts or pulls to one side of it.
  • After a turn, the steering wheel will not return easily.
  • While driving in a straight line, the steering wheel sticks at an angle.
  • If a new set of tyres is bought and it is required to last as long as possible.
  • If the suspension or steering elements are replaced.

Importance of wheel alignment

The orientation of the wheel will affect the wear and tear of tires. Standard synchronization with most vehicles is planned such that driver and passenger comfort is reduced and maximized. Balanced four-wheel alignment will lower wear, increase life and efficiency and fuel economy for your tires. It would also strengthen safety by reducing steering issues and stabilization.

Difference between Wheel alignment and wheel balancing

Between wheel alignment and wheel balance, often the confusion arises .They are entirely different. Wheel alignment, or tracking as it is often called, involves changing the wheel angles so that they are as defined by the manufacturer of your car. Wheel balance, on the other hand, helps the wheels to rotate without creating excessive vibration.

How are wheels aligned?

When your wheel alignment is tested by a technician, he or she is primarily concerned with three things:

As seen from the front of the car, this is the inward or outward angle of the wheel. Quite so much inward or outward tilt, also referred to as negative and positive camber, reveals incorrect alignment and may have to be changed. Camber misalignment can lead to worn bearings, ball joints, and other wheel-suspension components.

2. TOE
Toe alignment, distinct from camber alignment, is the degree to which, when viewed from above, your tyres turn inward or outward. Only standing up and looking down can clear your confusion. Angle them inward into the body’s centre. We call this toe-in alignment when the tires on your car are pointed the same direction (remember, we’re speaking in terms of bird’s-eye vision). Angle your feet outward and you have the balance of the toe-out. Both need to be adapted.

The angle of your caster helps balance direction, stability and angle. In fact, when looking from the side of your car, it is the angle of your steering axis. The steering axis is tilt up to the driver when you have a positive caster. On the other side, negative casters mean the directional axis is rotated to the front.

Reasons for misalignment of wheels

A misalignment can occur if a car hits or passes through the pits as well as incidents that may result in your vehicle being suspended out of alignment in more serious circumstances. Misalignment can also occur while wearing or replacing suspension components. In the case of incorrect wheel alignment, rapid wear of tyres, can occur especially on the tires edge and vehicle handling, too. It almost definitely means you must repair your tires sooner than expected.

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